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Too busy to paint?

No such thing!


Have been crazy busy though as I went and bought a paper miniatures operation called One Monk Miniatures. A wonderful line of paper miniatures and models designed some years ago by the talented and reclusive James Hartman. You can check them out here;

http://onemonk.com/   OneMonk-Logo

That store site is currently disabled but there are a few freebies on One Book Shelf;


I also took control of the Cardboard Warriors Forum;


and I’m managing the Papercuts 2013 showcase. Pop in and have a look, maybe even make an entry;


Whew! And I’m still painting my Reaper Bones minis and having a great time doing so. 🙂

IMG_5934 IMG_5938 IMG_5942 IMG_5948

Decided to play with the fish boys, Tiik Warriors I think Reaper calls them. Primed white, painted blue for the body, blue-grey for the heads and finny bits. Slapped blue ink on them and then dry-brushed lighter versions of the blue and the blue-grey on top. The scales catch the dry-brush quite nicely. Little off-white and yellow in the eyes, little red in the gills, dipped in satin tudor for the night. Matte sprayed the next morning, didn’t want to knock all of the shine off of these fish so I was really light with my spray matte. Bit more dry-brushing of the blue-grey with a bit of white to lighten it up. Flocked the bases with different colors of sand and did a bit of brown washing for shading and a little bit of highlighting on the sand. I was aiming for “Beach”, not quite sure if I got it, looks a bit more like desert to me.


Next up, a stone golem that I didn’t realize was a stone golem and gets painted as a brass/iron golem instead. 🙂