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Muscle Milk! Grrr…

Horace and his sidekick Blue run across some ugly creepers at the construction site.

Muscle group

These guys leaped out of my Reaper Bones pile and crossed the painting finish line pretty quickly. They are, from left to right, a Ghast, a Flesh Golem, and a Clay Golem. I didn’t realize it was a Clay Golem until later, so now he’s just a misshapen body builder with thuggish minion written all over him. Nothing special in their paint treatments; black primer, white dry-brush, bronzed flesh dry-brush on the clay golem, rotting flesh dry-brush on the other two, chestnut ink wash (diluted 50%) on clay golem, brown paint wash (diluted 50%) on the other two. The Clay golem then received a couple of dry-brush highlights of 50/50 bronzed flesh and white. The other two received bleached bone dry-brushed highlights and then 50/50 bleached bone and white dry-brush highlights. I really wanted to accent their darker recesses, clothing folds and muscle depths, but didn’t want them showing up as stark black and white in the finished minis. Brown and off-white worked well for my purpose.

I usually have four or five brushes going at once with things being dry-brushed, highlighted and washed all at the same time. I keep my brushes pretty clean, I’m rinsing them constantly in clean water to keep the paint from caking and drying in the bristles, that’s an easy way to lose a good brush. Having all three of these guys on my table at the same time with similar treatments going meant that while one was drying I could be working on the next and just kept them moving. It only took a few hours before they were ready for a satin tudor polyurethane dip and a 24 hour drying period..

Then they got matte sprayed, and a little more highlighting, really soft, where things got a bit too dark from the poly-wash. Then another matte spray.

Ghast Flesh Golemclay golem

For Horace, who makes me think of Taurus from Interstate ’76, I looked up pictures of Superfly and decided I wanted a more flamboyant color scheme, so purple shirt and white pants. the white pants are about three layers of dry-brushed white as I wanted them to be pretty bright with minimal shading.


As for his pal Blue…I don’t know where he came from. He’s a metal mini that ended up in my pile and I didn’t have a clear idea as to what to do with him, so I painted him blue with a bit of bronze hair. My daughter looked at him and thought he looked more like a woman, his musculature sculpting is pretty strange.

In other news; A friend is sending me a Reaper Bones Cthulhu model to paint and play with. 😀