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Electro-Controls New Celebrity series light palette!


Okay, it’s not new at all. In fact it’s long dead and buried. However, they still exist, and one of them inhabits one of the older middle schools that I’m responsible for. When I fist saw it I thought it was more Playmobil tech, like the two low-end Midas Venice 320 sound boards that we keep as backups. I found the manual for the EC and got it set up and working, and then poked around on line to learn more about this particular light palette. I couldn’t find any other downloadable versions of the manual so I’m posting the one I have so the next technician who trips over one of these, no matter where they are in the world, will have a copy of the operating manual.

Good luck. 🙂

*For more information about the history of Electro-Controls and Strand Lighting visit this archival blog;


Tale of Two Skinks, part 2

Finally got back to painting after the wild rumpus of spring wound down. I’m an Auditorium Technician for the school district so I hop around designing lights and running sound for theatrical events, dance shows, concerts and recitals. Springtime is huge for us with every school doing their final productions of everything, and banquets, and speechifying evenings, and then all of the community groups come rolling in to do their performance. And I’m involved in a Historical Recrudescence Guild at the Renaissance Faire; I work as a woodcarver/carpenter demonstrating medieval carving and construction techniques and frightening small children with the disturbing and demented puppet heads I carve. But hey, that’s all calmed down so I can paint again and possibly get back to my papermodel designing.

When last we checked in on our intrepid skinks one had been primed white, the other black. The black primed one had then had a white drybrush applied to it’s raised surfaces. They both then had a nice coat of yellow laid on for their skin base. The first thing I noticed was that the white primed one was definitely brighter. I finished their other colors and dipped them in tudor satin polyurethane. They’ve been lightly sprayed with a matt coat in the following pictures but they do need one one more spray to even out the shine.


I like a lot of the color effect of the black primed with white drybrush, but to my eyes the white primed one is brighter. Simpler too as I have about sixty of these minis that I’ll be painting up and the black primed with white drybrush is pretty labor intensive. I’ll reserve that technique for more important minis; leaders, heroes, and special troops that I want to stand out from the rank and file.


Edit: For some reason WordPress recommended a tag label of “DNA Profiling”….I have no idea why. I’m going to start sneaking that phrase into more of my posts though.