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Red & Green (but not Christmas)

My brother are cranking out a bunch of Gretchin/Runts/Gobbos for a Warpath intro game this week and I wanted a leader for the rebellious Runts faction. I dug through the unpainted lead pile and found the Red Gobbo from GorkaMorka. The first pic is the completed base colors. I try to make sure everything is neat and clean at this point, haven’t done any drybushing or highlighting as he’s about to get dipped.


He gets dipped in tudor satin polyurethane stain and set aside for about 12 hours. I made sure to thin the dip on his scarf while the dip was wet with a brush dipped in mineral spirits.


Once he’s hardened and dry I flock his base, matt coat him to knock the shine off and seal the flocking, do a few highlights, and matt spray him again. You can paint on top of the clear acrylic spray, painting on top of the polyurethane sealant doesn’t work too well.


He’s ready to command his legion of Runts!

Hopefully I’ll have an AAR later this week with some thoughts about actually playing the Warpath rules and how they feel different from 40K.