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Lizardmen 3D

Last year Fat Dragon Games began producing gaming terrain and miniatures that were available as digital downloads for 3D printers. It’s really cool stuff and you should go take a look at it; FDG-3D   Since it is a digital file you can print as many of a piece as you need or change the scale of the items. I made some FDG Lizardfolk to see how my printer worked and how well those sculpts fit in with my GW Lizardman models.


The proportions are nice but detail is a little soft, however I have seen better versions of these models so I suspect I need to keep tinkering with my printer’s settings…once I get it working again. :/

I also tried enlarging one of the Lizardfolk in the slicer program that talks to the printer to see if I could get one that was in scale with a GW Kroxigor;


I overdid the scaling just a touch. 🙂

I also painted up a different Reaper Bones lizardman sculpt, this one was easier to work with as the detail was cleaner and I suspect it was just a better quality mold than the first one I painted.


One of the things I look for when I’m shopping for Lizardfolk/men is what the artist does with the feet. One of Reaper’s sculpts was of a Lizardman adventurer….wearing boots. That was a non-starter for me as lizardmen should be barefoot or wearing sandals. Maybe flip-flops. Otherwise they look weird to me, like they’re trying to fit into humanoid society. Next thing they’ll be wearing neck ties. 🙂