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Flocking bases

Litko Aerosystems (great guys there) posed a question; How do you finish your bases?

This is a simple bit that adds a great finishing touch to painted minis; flocking the base. It’s really easy but many people don’t seem to want to add this bit, dunno why.

What is flock? Well, I use ground and earthy scenic materials from model railroad stores, game stores usually sell the same product for 2x the price. I also gather up little pebbles, sawdust, and beach sand for additional effects.

First, spread plain old white glue around on the base.


I keep little instant coffee cans full of flocking materials around, this mix is a green turf blend with some small pebbles mixed in. Dip the wet glue base into the flock and swish it about.


Set aside to dry, 20 minutes or so. Shake off the excess and spray mini with matt sealant. It seals the paint and also helps add a layer of protection to your base flocking. For bigger model bases you can also add bigger rocks or battlefield debris on top of the flocking to create mini-dioramas.


*Arquebus troops painted by Arctic Dragon, dipped and flocked by me.