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Green Hell – The Rout

The battle had gone poorly for the Marauders and whole companies of their stuntie troops had begun to flee.

One group, led by the Red Gobbo himself, was determined to steal the transports and sneak off to start a new stuntie commune in a distant corner of the galaxy. However, another group of stunties was despatched to secure the transports and stop the traitors from escaping.

Object of the game; Get the boats, kill those other stunties!

My older brother and I played our first game of Warpath (ver. 2.0 Beta) by Mantic Games last night. Each of us had three squads of ten Stunties with Stuntie guns led by a Big Stuntie with a pistol. The Big Stunties just used a basic Marauder trooper profile but Inspiring was substituted for Crushing Strength. The points values of these forces are about 125pv for each side.

Here’s a link to all of the pics from the game; https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4t6ie86ccw3gin8/YCCg-NHgm9

Start of game layout on a 3′ x 4’6″ table;


The Red Gobbo and his troops advance on the boats;


The loyalist stunties move to secure boats of their own;

IMG_5447 IMG_5448

Both sides form firing lines on the riverbanks and blaze away at each other. These guys are probably the worst troops in the galaxy, they make stormtroopers look like marksmen.

IMG_5454 IMG_5456

Both sides try to navigate their vessels through the firing lines, some with disastrous capsizing results. Probably a third of the casualties in this game were from drowning.

IMG_5457 IMG_5459

Not all the troops in a squad could safely fit in a boat so usually half the squad would keep pace on the riverbank with the boats staying close enough to shore to maintain squad coherency. As the ships made their way down the narrow river they began ramming and boarding each other, which led to more capsizing.


IMG_5471 IMG_5474

The Red Gobbo jumps ship after his crew dies around him. He was sent to a watery grave shortly after this by the loyalist Stuntie commander after a victorious round of hand-to-hand combat. The remaining rebel stunties were suppressed and taken prisoner by the mohawk and musket stuntie, the sole survivor of his squad.

IMG_5478 IMG_5486

It was a fun, grueling death by attrition (seriously awful troops all around), first experience with Mantic’s Warpath 2.0 rules. I have some questions about little things in the rules (can individuals join squads?) that I need to re-read the rules and dig through their forums a bit for enlightenment. Decent set of rules though and they are available free from their website.

Product placement; Dice tower by Litko, river tiles by Fat Dragon Games, and sampans by Mayhem in Paper (me!).


Red & Green (but not Christmas)

My brother are cranking out a bunch of Gretchin/Runts/Gobbos for a Warpath intro game this week and I wanted a leader for the rebellious Runts faction. I dug through the unpainted lead pile and found the Red Gobbo from GorkaMorka. The first pic is the completed base colors. I try to make sure everything is neat and clean at this point, haven’t done any drybushing or highlighting as he’s about to get dipped.


He gets dipped in tudor satin polyurethane stain and set aside for about 12 hours. I made sure to thin the dip on his scarf while the dip was wet with a brush dipped in mineral spirits.


Once he’s hardened and dry I flock his base, matt coat him to knock the shine off and seal the flocking, do a few highlights, and matt spray him again. You can paint on top of the clear acrylic spray, painting on top of the polyurethane sealant doesn’t work too well.


He’s ready to command his legion of Runts!

Hopefully I’ll have an AAR later this week with some thoughts about actually playing the Warpath rules and how they feel different from 40K.