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Marro Juggernaut field test

My son and I played a game of Heroscape so he could take the Juggernaut model out for a spin. We built forces of 1200 points each, well, mine was going to be 1200 but my daughter wanted to play too. I made her my teammate and let her pick what she wanted and I would make a force out of what points remained. She took four dragons as she really likes dragons…which meant I had points for a few Highlanders and some heroes, hrm. My son decided to tackle my daughter’s dragons with the Juggernaut alone while everything else came streaming towards my meager band – eek!

ImageHe did pretty well against all the big scalies but they did wear him down over time. That 6 def is a bit ridiculous and he may get revised in the future. BTW; we play Heroscape as a TTG without the plastic hex battlemaps as they take too long to setup and takedown. I have plenty of terrain that’s easy to toss onto the tabletop so we’ve converted everything to inches instead of spaces.

The next Heroscape project under construction is this guy;


I have a plastic one from my Reaper Bones box and I think he’ll make a great hero/heavy for the Gorillanoids.