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Happy 4th! Bones & Pie

I grew up eating rhubarb pie and hating it. Alaska is actually a frozen swamp and rubarb grows everywhere here, so I grew up eating it, and not really enjoying it. Years ago my sister gave me a recipe for rhubarb custard pie, and it was astoundingly delicious! So now I eat rhubarb pie whenever I can. We planted rhubarb buds in our front yard last year and the stuff grows so prolifically that we end up with more than we can use and we let our friends come through and thin the patch.


I’m always astounded that people in the lower ’48 buy this in the supermarket.

In other news; I got my Bones! Kickstarter Reaper Bones that is, a nice whopping big pile of their new line of plastic minis;


I read in the Reaper forums that you could paint directly onto the bare plastic so I experimented on a pair of Gobbos;


You can paint directly on the plastic, but I recommend priming. Thinned paints and metallics kind of “slithered” on the plastic but the solids stuck on just fine. That spear is a little bent so I’ll be doing another experiment later with boiling and shocking in cold water to try and straighten that out.