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Because WordPress is about more than just all the pretty pictures that I and others post, there are also people who write stories and produce wonderful books. One of my biggest inspirations is the wonderful work of Phil Foglio and his Girl Genius series. Currently Studio Foglio is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the reprinting of the graphic novel editions of their webcomic;

The webcomic is great fun and free to read. The graphic novels are just as fun, but paper and ink cost money and Studio Foglio is not a big company. So go read the free comics and then get on over to the Kickstarter, you won’t regret it! 😀


Zombies and Saxons, oh my!


I finished reading Bernard Cornwall’s “Death of Kings” novel last night. Good fun, just don’t get it confused with history, the author does point out in the afterword what is history and what is fiction based on history. Every time I read one of these saxon tales I’m sorely tempted to play a game of Shieldwall or Pigs & Glory…then I remember that I only have a single Metalmagic Viking mini. Some day I’ll invest in some boxes of Saxons and Danes and do a historical painting and gaming project.


In other news, my son received a copy of the “Zombies” board-game by Twilight Creations with the “School’s Out” expansion as his Dance Recital gift. We played a few games and I was trounced both times through a combination of aggressive play-style and hanging on to crucial event cards. :/ It’s well-designed game and the game components are really good quality so if you’re into Survival Horror games or just enjoy grim humor I do recommend this Zombies.

On a personal note, I’ve always said I’m not into Horror movies or gore-fests, they bore me, but I have watched every zombie movie ever made. I think it’s because I like to be able to make an informed judgement about the quality of zombie films. The better ones are the ones that don’t concentrate on the gore but instead on the human condition and how it handles stress in impossible circumstances, which is why I enjoy “The Walking Dead” series. The effects are well done and the stories are quite striking in their emotional impact. I know other nerds freak out and get their knickers in a bunch over how the tv series is different than the comics, and they should be different; they’re different mediums. And if they were the same, why would anyone watch if they already knew the endings? No suspense there.

A Tale of Two Skinks, part 1

I have bunch of old and new GW skink minis along with some Harlequin Miniatures Lizardman troops that my older brother gave me and will work well as a skink regiment. Since there’s so many of them to paint (40+) I’m experimenting with methods that will help me to complete them without me losing my mind. I really like the greyscale (black primer then white dry-brushing) basing that I’ve been doing for my lizardmen but it feels like it’ll be a butt-ton of work to do all of the skink forces using that method. I think I’ll reserve that method for more important minis, and just get the rank and file DONE. Done is beautiful. But i wanted to experiment a little first and see how big of a difference their would be between the greyscale basing and just priming the minis white, so here goes;


Then I applied yellows to each for their skin, their spots and fins will be red but to get a bright red you have to have bright base, so yellow everywhere. And dark hunter green as the base for their shields.


They switched sides in this pic, oops, the white based one is on the left now. More to come later.

Snow & Dragonblood


Seriously, more snowfall yesterday and today.  This is all this guys fault-


Meanwhile on the workbench- I ordered a couple of Dragonblood Miniatures Lizardy folk, sculpted by the tremendously talented Eric Louchard, to see how they compare to my GW Saurians.


The Dragonblood is taller and leaner, but the detail is really crisp so he’ll be a fun paintjob as a Saurian champion.

Green Hell – No Escape

The survivors of the river battle run out of luck…


Here are the rules that I came up with to handle capsizing, swimming, and drowning (mainly drowning);

Boats: Capacity=5 models, speed=3 (hands and sticks), capsize on a d6 roll of 7+

Boats can capsize and dump their occupants into the water if their capacity is exceeded or if the occupants become too unruly. A stationary boat, one that did not activate, does not need to test for capsizing. Capsizing tests occur after movement or any form of melee has occurred on board the boat. The capsizing roll is modified as follows;

+1 for each model that exceeds capacity.

+1 if melee combat occurred on board the boat this turn.

If a boat capsizes then all of it’s occupants are dumped in the water, the owning player must roll above the model’s DEF score to avoid drowning. Suppressed units that end up in the water have a -1 to their avoiding-drowning roll. If a model survives getting dunked they may swim at a speed of 1 or just get back on the boat.

Models on boats count as having soft cover (-1) to ranged attacks that originate from off the boat.

Green Hell – The Rout

The battle had gone poorly for the Marauders and whole companies of their stuntie troops had begun to flee.

One group, led by the Red Gobbo himself, was determined to steal the transports and sneak off to start a new stuntie commune in a distant corner of the galaxy. However, another group of stunties was despatched to secure the transports and stop the traitors from escaping.

Object of the game; Get the boats, kill those other stunties!

My older brother and I played our first game of Warpath (ver. 2.0 Beta) by Mantic Games last night. Each of us had three squads of ten Stunties with Stuntie guns led by a Big Stuntie with a pistol. The Big Stunties just used a basic Marauder trooper profile but Inspiring was substituted for Crushing Strength. The points values of these forces are about 125pv for each side.

Here’s a link to all of the pics from the game;

Start of game layout on a 3′ x 4’6″ table;


The Red Gobbo and his troops advance on the boats;


The loyalist stunties move to secure boats of their own;

IMG_5447 IMG_5448

Both sides form firing lines on the riverbanks and blaze away at each other. These guys are probably the worst troops in the galaxy, they make stormtroopers look like marksmen.

IMG_5454 IMG_5456

Both sides try to navigate their vessels through the firing lines, some with disastrous capsizing results. Probably a third of the casualties in this game were from drowning.

IMG_5457 IMG_5459

Not all the troops in a squad could safely fit in a boat so usually half the squad would keep pace on the riverbank with the boats staying close enough to shore to maintain squad coherency. As the ships made their way down the narrow river they began ramming and boarding each other, which led to more capsizing.


IMG_5471 IMG_5474

The Red Gobbo jumps ship after his crew dies around him. He was sent to a watery grave shortly after this by the loyalist Stuntie commander after a victorious round of hand-to-hand combat. The remaining rebel stunties were suppressed and taken prisoner by the mohawk and musket stuntie, the sole survivor of his squad.

IMG_5478 IMG_5486

It was a fun, grueling death by attrition (seriously awful troops all around), first experience with Mantic’s Warpath 2.0 rules. I have some questions about little things in the rules (can individuals join squads?) that I need to re-read the rules and dig through their forums a bit for enlightenment. Decent set of rules though and they are available free from their website.

Product placement; Dice tower by Litko, river tiles by Fat Dragon Games, and sampans by Mayhem in Paper (me!).