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Year of the ‘Odd Bodkins’

Odd Bodkins; Not God’s Body, just a phrase I use for miscellaneous thoughts and projects.

I started the year with a very clear plan, back in December of 2014 when I started my holiday break from work, and that started to go downhill when I became very sick over break. My plan was to renovate my website over break and then push forward into a year of new projects. So once I got well enough to think I plunged into the website, which seemed to fight me and many things weren’t working correctly. It turned out that iWeb, my web page program, didn’t work correctly anymore so I upgraded to a program called Everweb, which worked very well but I had to start from scratch to rebuild the site. Right about the time I was close to finishing the site work, months later than I thought I would be working on it, my computer catastrophically died; bad logic board, exploding battery, yuck. This happened right after I had received┬á the answer from my insurance company about an appeal for one of my daughter’s therapies; they declined to cover it so I was out a fair bit of money and worse I had to pull my daughter from her therapy.

So there I am trying to muddle through Spring, broke, computer dead, trying to figure out my next move and using a little Kindle tablet to stay in touch with the world, and the Kindle gets stolen from a work event. Now I know a Kindle is a cheap tablet, but that was just the last straw for me. That was my moment of despair when I went to my different internet groups and basically said I was quitting everything, and then an odd thing happened. A bunch of people convinced me to start a GoFundMe campaign, it hadn’t occurred to me to ask for financial help this way, and some other artists did some great sale days where they donated their profits to my campaign. I was floored by everyone’s generosity. Even more humbling was all of the kind words they had to say in support of me and my online works. Shortly after that I was able to purchase a new Macbook, subscribe to the new Photoshop, and get back in the game.

I had a lot to think about after all of that. One of the things I’ve been pushing myself on is completing the different “Community” and “Free” projects that I’m involved in as a small way of giving back to the community for their support and encouragement during a difficult period. Which brings me to this little model; it’s a WW2 Aerosan that different militaries pressed into service as troop transports and patrol vehicles in Finland and the Soviet Union.


This model merits mention because I didn’t want to finish it. I started it back in January, it was due to be finished in February, then I got bogged down, then I broke. When I came back to it a few weeks ago I was a bit lost and had to rediscover my thought process to get it finished, which felt very odd as if it were someone else’s model and I was modifying/correcting it. I pushed through though and made it work. One of the big problems I had with it was that it’s based on a real vehicle, but I want people to be able to easily build it and play with it. That meant striking a balance between realism in the physical details and being able to build it in a reasonable amount of time. Some people design and build for the sake of dioramas, I design and build with playability in mind, that’s my theatre background effect on projects. The model is now freely available on my site and comes with cut-files for Silhouette brand cutters. Have fun with it. ­čÖé

It’s been a relief in increments to finish all of the old outstanding and incomplete projects this year, like little stressor loops in my brain that close and fade away. I have plenty more incomplete projects to address but my mind feels clearer.

Happy 2015.


Snow & Dragonblood


Seriously, more snowfall yesterday and today.  This is all this guys fault-


Meanwhile on the workbench- I ordered a couple of Dragonblood Miniatures Lizardy folk, sculpted by the tremendously talented Eric Louchard, to see how they compare to my GW Saurians.


The Dragonblood is taller and leaner, but the detail is really crisp so he’ll be a fun paintjob as a Saurian champion.