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Homemade Palm Trees

Ten years ago I quit painting minis and packed up everything associated with them and then shuffled my boxes of toys from house to house without opening them. Last month I started opening everything and taking stock of what I had and what was unpainted. I found I had two packs of Citadel plastic jungle trees that had never been assembled so I built, dipped and flocked the lot which gave me jungle trees. These kits are no longer available from GW and I couldn’t find any through Google, but I did trip across this TMP Workbench article;


I decided to give Dervel’s method a try and also keep track of how much time and money each tree cost.

The trees took me about fifteen minutes each to construct, after the first one I found my rhythm and they became much easier. I primed them black and painted them up in greens and browns, so maybe twenty-five minutes each all told. One tree I painted in base greens and browns then dipped into Bombay Black polyurethane stain and let sit over night before matt-spraying and applying the green highlights.


The one in the center (above) and left (below) was dipped then highlighted.Image

The costs broke down as follows;

Fender washers (bases); 10 for $5.90 = $.59 each

Galvanized steel wire; $7.29 (110 feet/1,320 inches) = $.06 per foot

Labels; $4.49 (150 count) = $.02 each

Pipe cleaners; $.89 (26 count) = $.03 each

Each tree- Fender washer (1x.59) = $.59

6 inch wires (8x.03) = $.24

Labels (8x.02) = $.16

Pipe cleaners (2x.03) = $.06

Total = $1.05 each

*The paints, flocking, primer and matt spray were not included as they get used on many projects.

The GW plastic trees cost me $10.00 for a pack of four, $2.50 each. However, they’re out of production and unavailable, so their cost can’t be seriously compared to the home-builts.

My thanks to Dervel of TMP for a well-done Workbench article.