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Magic the TTG


My son is a big fan of the Magic:The Gathering card game, we’ve played Heroscape, an out of production Milton Bradley boardgame, for years. Now there is a table top game version of Magic using the Heroscape rules with the Planeswalkers casting spells from decks and accompanied by summoned creatures. It’s mostly compatible with the older Heroscape rules so you can combine the games for more fun. The new Magic-scape games come with plastic minis; Planeswalkers that are pre-painted, and summoned creatures that are cast in plastic in the same color as the mana needed to summon them. The latest set also contains the world-devouring Eldrazi, cast in blue. There is a lot of great art available for these creatures so I’ve started painting the Eldrazi creatures I have.


I primed the Scions (the little critters) black, brushed a blue grey, hit the center carapace section with blue ink, scumbled and dry-brushed the whole thing with a light grey, dipped, sprayed, and decorated the base. The big guy is “The Endless One”, enormously powerful and produces Scions as he slithers across the board towards your defending Planeswalkers. I’m hoping to start work on the big piece after I finish the Howling Banshee project.


Walkin’ Machines 1


In the distant future an ancient race of Space Elves has perfected anti-grav flight and dimensional travel, but they still have to walk to work for some reason. This is an early drawing of a Games Workshop Eldar War Walker, and I thought they were pretty cool. Some people said, “Isn’t the pilot too exposed?” Nah, there’s a force-field thingy protecting him. The newer versions of these do have canopies, but I prefer the more exposed look of the older version. I built and painted one 20 years ago, and built another that sat in a box for two decades. I also recently picked up one of the newer models, with no canopy so it was marked way down, which is fine because I didn’t want the canopy.


The one in the center is the first one from 20 years ago, the left is also from twenty years ago, the right is more recent. I approach vehicle painting much the same way I do figures, but I get to use a bigger brush most of the time. The areas on the models that have had white dry-brushed over them will be painted red, the black areas are a reminder to me to paint them in metals. The one on the left has had a leg test-painted in “Khorne Red”, which I guess is supposed to look like blood? It looks to me like Rose colored lipstick, but I’m color blind so who knows? The tone seems okay though and the paint is thick enough that it only needs one coat for good coverage.

The next step is to paint things that are farthest away; with figures it’s usually skin, unless they have exposed bones or organs, in the case of the walkers it is the pilot’s chairs.


Since my brush has to reach past the pilot to get those areas it’s best to do them now so I don’t screw up the paint job on the pilot. Next I went through and hit all of the brass areas; joints, engines, guns, controls, etc. I really like the dirty gold look of the P3 brand “Dirty Brass”, it’s perfect for a lot of details.brass.jpg

Next up is to see how well the brass and red look next to each other.

Warbikes 2

After prepping and priming a miniature I gather the paint palette for the project;


Mournfang Brown for the tires and ground base, Balor Brown for the seats and handle bars, Bleached Bone for the front and back rolled up tarps, Pig Iron for the bulk of the metals, Quick Silver for the headlamps, Troll Slayer Orange to serve as a base for the Big Top Red that will go on the gun barrels, front fender, hoses, and exhausts and black and white for touchups/repairs. Red acrylics are usually a bit thin so painting an area orange first makes for a stronger red and better depth of color. If you make a mistake and need to repaint something you can use white or black to blot over the mistake and redo it.

The paints are from four different manufacturers because I don’t feel you should be bound by one company’s dogma when it comes to personal design choices. Citadel makes a lot of really good products at the moment, that hasn’t always been the case though. At one point thier bottle designs caused the paints to dry out ridiculously fast. I use a lot of white, particularly as a dry-brushing base, so the big cheap bottle works great for that. Find what works for you. Here is today’s progress; I’ve done all of the small parts and I’ve started putting on the Pig Iron for the main body metals on the column of bikes on the left.


I thought the Pig Iron would be darker and unfortunately it’s only a little darker than the Quicksilver on the headlamps. I’m thinking about a dark wash on the Pig Iron, not sure yet though.

In other project news, the Mantic Marauder squad is finished, here they are along with the Blood Axe Kommandos that they’ll be joining;




I think they’ll fit in just fine, even though those Marauder upper bodies still look weird to me.

Busy week, not much painting.

Like the title says, still managed to progress on a few projects though. I finished off this Ork Nob in the older style of Mega-Armor, but his shoulders looked a little sparse. I was digging through my parts bin and found some GorkaMorka transfers, yay!


While digging through my parts bin I also found an old Eldar Heavy Plasma Gun and used it to finish up-gunning my newer model Eldar WarWalker (the blueish one on the right). The guy on the left is the original style, I’ll tackle some old Eldar projects in the near future once some more of the Ork horde has been finished. I have waaaaay too many old Ork projects.


The blueish warwalker was an ebay find and was cheap, probably because it was missing a gun. The previous owner had primed him blue so today I gave him a quick black wash (2 parts water to one part paint) to darken his base tones and to have black fill in all of his cracks and crevices.


I also found another Ork Dredd, this model would have been version two, and I believe it is what was used as a base for the Killa Kans that now exist.


The models I’ve been trying to paint this week are a batch of Mantic Games Marauders, which they now just refer to as Orks. When Mantic first started producing Marauders for their sci-fi lines they didn’t call them Orks. But GW lost a big lawsuit against a little company called Chapterhouse over the use of generic names, like Space Marine, and now Mantic appears to be free to call their Marauders what they’d intended them to be in the first place. I like the name Marauder better so when I use that name I’m talking about Mantic’s models, not GW’s, as they are still Space Orks. The ones I’m painting up are plastics from their Deadzone game, I’m still not happy with the plastic. The scuplts are a bit odd too; normal sized heads (ok), weird gangly legs (?), and oversized torsos with big arms (???). Weird, but mostly okay, makes for odd poses though. I’m painting up my Marauders in the same color schemes as my Bad Moon infiltrators to beef up their numbers.


They’re not done yet though. I wasn’t paying attention when I assembled the flamer troops and their fuel hoses curl way out to the side before connecting to their fuel tanks on their backs. I thought it looked cool, and then found after I started painting them that their is a big indentation in their bellies, apparently to accommodate the hose wrapping around them? Dunno, I like my way better. I’m hoping to finish them tomorrow.


Also from Mantic Games Deadzone is this Gretchin artillery;


Also almost finished. I’ve been using, and enjoying, a metallic paint called “Brass Balls” from Privateer Press. That’s what’s been dry-brushed onto the cannon above and on parts of the fuel tanks for the Marauder flame-thrower troops.

I’m hoping to have some more finished projects pictures in the very near future. Cheers!

Ork Dredds-scale creep


Back in my day things were smaller….Back in the late 1980’s when I started collecting and painting 40K minis the Space Ork Dredds looked like the little guy on the right. You could get an expansion kit to biggify them like the guy on the left, but they seemed hard to come by. In my son’s kit the centerpiece of his force is the hulking brute Deff Dredd in the center, an all plastic kit where mine are lead/pewter. We’re still talking through painting techniques and color schemes but he really likes the Bad Moon yellow scheme that I use on most of my forces. My show’s opening night was cancelled this evening due to foul weather so I believe we’ll be getting started on the big fella this evening.

Sometimes the army lists provided by GW listed options for the forces that weren’t readily available on the models. This was back when they encouraged scratch-building and modifying minis to get to WYSIWYG. The ork lists said you could get a Dredd with power claws and a flamer, so I made this little fella out of bits from a Skorcha wartrakk.


In the new plastic box there is every option you could ever need and you end up with a pile of very nice extra bits. I’m very impressed with GW’s improvements to quality.

More Orks, space orks that is

My son received a Space Ork starter set for Christmas and has had a great time assembling everything, particularly the new, enormous, Deff Dred. Last fall we had our first mini painting session and I walked him through the basics with an old Ork Heavy that I picked up in 1995. Clean, prime, drybrush white, apply basic colors, drybrush metals, pick out details, dip, matte spray, basing material, check highlights, matte spray again, done.

The newer Orks will be easier as the scale has become enlarged over time. I also polished off a Mega-Armor Ork Nob that I picked up 10 or 12 years ago.

We also played a game of Kill Team, small unit 40K actions, using the 7th edition rules. I hadn’t played 7th edition so I spent a lot of time looking up the rules and figuring out changes between editions. I think the majority of changes streamline play nicely, the writing is very clunky though so pulling the meaning out of the rulebook took a bit of chewing to digest. He won, fun game, here’s a few pics;


It was an Orks vs Orks fight with lots of shooting and very little accuracy followed by some very decisive close combat. We’ll most likely start painting his Orks this weekend as he is figuring out his color schemes and setting up a painting area in his room.

Lizardmen again!

It’s 2017 and my teenage son wanted to get into playing 40K so I’ve been teaching him how to play and how to paint his Space Orks. Doing that rekindled my desire to finish all the lizardmen I started forever ago and I’ve been cranking through them the past few weeks. It’s been a while since I painted and my eyesight up close has really deteriorated the past few years and it makes some fine details very difficult, I still enjoy painting minis though. First off here is a group of Temple Guardians to provide an elite unit;


The big dude with the axe is an Antimatter Games Draconid warrior with a GW dino-skull helmet to help him blend in with his fellows. I like the fine detail on the Antimatter sculpts I’ve purchased but his head was kind of tiny, hence the helmet. I also added a shell shield to his back.

20170124_085948 I also picked up some lizard dudes from Reaper games; one in the Bones plastic material and one metal one. Some of the Bones have good detail, this one was a little soft on the detail. The metal one was great fun to paint though and makes for a very dramatic reptillian warrior-mage.

Age of Sigmar’s arrival from GW caused a number of gamers to ditch their armies on the cheap and I picked up a lot of old lizardmen from Ebay really cheap, including a couple more classic Kroxigor.


Here is the next batch of works in progress including an Antimatter Games Dagothanan Reef Lord, I love his toothy grin. 🙂 The guys in the background are all modified GW plastics. My lizards are still predominatly orange. 🙂