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Best Sinking!

I not only design and build little paper sampans, I also build large cardboard ones –


Last years entry made it around the course, not so this year. Video is here;

We did get an award for best sinking though. 🙂 Next year, I know, I know, I’ll sit in the middle. I’ll also use more layers of cardboard like I did last year.


Finishing bits

The past couple days I concentrated on getting through some pieces that were almost done, and have been that way for a while. The oldest of the lot is this Ork Warboss with a ridiculously large gun. ImageHe sat around with black primer and dry-brushed green skin base for over ten years. Next up is my new Lizardman Army Standard Bearer with Skink attendants.


He’s only been bouncing around my bench for three months so not too bad time-wise. Then, while I was waiting for different colors and basing glues to dry on the above two I started dry-brushing and washing colors onto my new Reaper Bones Earth Elemental;


One thing I forgot to mention on the Bones cyber-gorilla from last week was that the primer paint felt a little gooey until paint went on top of it. I made sure that the Earth Elemental got a nice soapy warm bath before getting primed and had no problems. This guy is enormous. Lots of little details and texture built into him, really fun to paint. I didn’t even notice the skeleton on his right shoulder until I started dry-brushing and then it just popped out at me, hey look what I found! I have no idea what that muscular blue dude in the third frame is, he wandered into my collection a long time ago and I just recently decided to paint him. I think he’s from some super-villain collection.

The finished Earth Elemental;


One of the many nice things about the Reaper Bones line is that they all come with an integrated base, many with interesting textural details. In this case I thought his base was a little small so I built a 60mm diameter base out of three layers of cardstock and added some extra rocks to the base.

Everybody here has been finished using the polyurethane dip and matt coat finishing method.

Gorillanoids & Skullbreakers


My Heroscape Gorillanoids have a big brother heavy now, I’ll have to come up with a Heroscape stat card and maybe a Mutants and Death Ray Guns version of these guys too.

Work also continues on my reptillian forces; I cleaned up a few more of the ebay lizardman rejects I bought a while back and also purchased a Reaper Reptus Skullbreaker, sculpted by C. Elliot.


Why is he red? Well, when the order arrived this bottle of paint was in the box with a note from Reaper minis saying “Surprise!” as they’ll randomly gift customers with little prizes like this. I wanted to see what the quality of their paint was like so the Skullbreaker became the test subject. The paint is in a dropper bottle, goes on smooth and looked really thin at first, I thought I’d need to do a second coat of the red. When the red dried it was much darker and shinier than I’d initially expected it would be. Quite a pleasant surprise all ’round.


He still needs a little bit of highlighting and detailing but I’ll come back to him in a bit.

Marro Juggernaut field test

My son and I played a game of Heroscape so he could take the Juggernaut model out for a spin. We built forces of 1200 points each, well, mine was going to be 1200 but my daughter wanted to play too. I made her my teammate and let her pick what she wanted and I would make a force out of what points remained. She took four dragons as she really likes dragons…which meant I had points for a few Highlanders and some heroes, hrm. My son decided to tackle my daughter’s dragons with the Juggernaut alone while everything else came streaming towards my meager band – eek!

ImageHe did pretty well against all the big scalies but they did wear him down over time. That 6 def is a bit ridiculous and he may get revised in the future. BTW; we play Heroscape as a TTG without the plastic hex battlemaps as they take too long to setup and takedown. I have plenty of terrain that’s easy to toss onto the tabletop so we’ve converted everything to inches instead of spaces.

The next Heroscape project under construction is this guy;


I have a plastic one from my Reaper Bones box and I think he’ll make a great hero/heavy for the Gorillanoids.

Happy 4th! Bones & Pie

I grew up eating rhubarb pie and hating it. Alaska is actually a frozen swamp and rubarb grows everywhere here, so I grew up eating it, and not really enjoying it. Years ago my sister gave me a recipe for rhubarb custard pie, and it was astoundingly delicious! So now I eat rhubarb pie whenever I can. We planted rhubarb buds in our front yard last year and the stuff grows so prolifically that we end up with more than we can use and we let our friends come through and thin the patch.


I’m always astounded that people in the lower ’48 buy this in the supermarket.

In other news; I got my Bones! Kickstarter Reaper Bones that is, a nice whopping big pile of their new line of plastic minis;


I read in the Reaper forums that you could paint directly onto the bare plastic so I experimented on a pair of Gobbos;


You can paint directly on the plastic, but I recommend priming. Thinned paints and metallics kind of “slithered” on the plastic but the solids stuck on just fine. That spear is a little bent so I’ll be doing another experiment later with boiling and shocking in cold water to try and straighten that out.