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Endless Blues


He’s big, he’s blue, he’s here to suck the magical energy out of your dimension, it’s the Endless One! Almost anyways, I believe this will do for his base colors before he gets dipped. I may do some additional highlighting once he comes out the other side. This model used a very small color palette in large quantities due to the surface area of this beastie.


Black primer, white dry-brushing, lots of Arcane Blue which is a shadowy-purpley-grey for skin base, then Caledor Sky blue for his warts and hand colors, then a lighter Hoeth Blue for highlights and more hand colors, then Ulthuan Grey mixed with Hoeth Blue 1-1 for a few more highlights.

While I was finishing this I looked over at the edge of my paint area and saw another Ork Warboss lurking there waiting his turn for painting. About two hours later, with a mostly metallic dry-brush paintjob, I am able to present Ghazgkull Thraka; Legendary Ork Warboss with a shortage of vowels.

This is also pre-dip so the shading on the colors are going to change a bit and I know I’ll be doing a touch of highlighting on the horns, face, red metal jaw and red claws. Here’s his palette;


Warboss Green on the skin, Blazing Orange (my bottle from 1989 is almost empty) as a base on the red bits, followed by Khorne Red for a nice glow to the red parts, Ushabti Bone on the skull and horns, Pig Iron dry-brushed all over the place for his armor, Brass Balls for a few rivets, parts of the gun and the metal teeth, with plain white on Thraka’s real teeth. Very hefty feel to this model as he’s all metal, I believe I’ll be brushing on the polyurethane instead of possibly losing him in the gunk with the dip method.

The Dire Avengers are still plodding forward, just lots of them to do so the assembly line gets a little boring at times, which is why my mind wanders into other projects to relieve some of the tedium of a mass paint paint job.

Banshees & Procrastination


Finally! Only took me twenty years after I purchased these models to complete them. I kept getting distracted while trying to focus on this project and ended up finishing a number of other projects at the same time. Some snakes to accompany my Lizardman horde;


Another Space Ork Warlord from about eighteen years ago, he was still in the package;

Some of the other Eldar support troops also elbowed their way through the queue; here is a first release Harlequin Death Jester and Maugan-Ra the legendary hero of the Dark Reapers. Basically these are two guys who are really good at shooting big guns.


Next up is the Dire Avenger crew, there’s a lot of them but I don’t think I’ll have the same mental block problems that I had with the Banshees.

PJ’s Boyz

As I’ve said elsewhere my son has been working on painting his own Space Orks. The method that I learned for painting minis, especially many minis, came from one of the studio artists who worked for Games Workshop. When you are painting a unit of troops that are all going to have similar colors in their uniforms and equipment paint all of one particular color onto each model. Also, start with what’s farthest away from you, such as the skin of the model. In the case of the Orks that means painting all of the units skins green. Then work on the next layer of clothing or armor up from their skin and do all of those, and so on outwards. I usually save eyes and teeth for last.

Here are step progress shots of some of my son’s troops;


Warbikes – finale!

I was finally able to finish off the ork warbikes with base flocking and final matte spraying, only seventeen years later. I’m pretty sure I purchased all of these two house moves ago and they’ve just been bouncing along in storage all this time. The good thing, sort of good, is that my rule (more of a temptational guideline) of not purchasing new models until I finish old models means I can finally purchase some new toys. 🙂 If I want to, I have to confer with my son as to future projects that would be mutually enjoyable. I still have tons of old projects that I’d like to complete or, in the case of the Tyranids, sell off. I believe I’ll knock out some of my old Eldar (space elves) projects next. Here’s the full mob;


Half a dozen were all the same hunched-over bald guy.


Here are the Nobz two-seater bikes with a Gretchin and a Mekaniak as passengers.


And here is a scale comparison between first and second edition warbikes. I know I will be working on third edition warbikes in the near future.

Warbikes 4

Finally finished all of the bike rider, and a few extra passengers. They used a really small palette as they are intended to be a unit and I decided not to diversify their color schemes. I realize that uniformity is not a very Orky aesthetic, but I like the look of all the yellow.


Since they are bikers I used Abaddon Black for their gloves and boots as it is a semi-gloss and I liked the shine in this instance. Waagh flesh for the green skin, Flaming orange for the occasional decoration (hair, wristbands), Pig iron metallic dry-brushed onto weapons, goggles and gear, Big Top red for scarves and eye sockets, white for teeth, Mournfang brown (nice reddy brown) for belts and suspenders, and nice bright Flash Gitz yellow for their pajamas. Odd names I know, each company makes their own designer paints and unfortunately Games Workshop did a big makeover of their paint line a few years ago and changed all of the names. I have a mix of old and new paint names in my paint box and I’ve found this conversion guide very helpful to find the new names of the colors that I used to work with. Citadel Paint Conversion


This was very handy when I needed to replace my old Bleached Bone, an off-white color that I use for a canvas base, which is now called Ushabti Bone. At least it still has ‘bone’ in the title. Here are the riders being glued onto their vehicles;


This is pre-dip, and there are several Imperial Assault characters that are also almost done. Two of the bikes were actually two-seater Nobz bikes, that’s why that mek with a big gun is looking over that fella on the left’s shoulder. The guy in the lower right is a version two plastic rider, the other riders are all lead, I’ll glue his arms on after I have him seated. Those rolled up tarps on the front of the bikes were all done with bleached bone, the dip should darken and shade them nicely. Here’s everybody post-dip drying;


My son also finished four more of his boyz and they were able to join the queue in time for tonight’s dip. The Imperial troops will get a little white highlight work after they get their first coat of matte spray, can’t really paint directly on top of the dried polyurethane; too slippery. These should all be done by tomorrow night.

Warbikes 3

Finally have all of the basic colors neatly applied and the bases painted brown. Why paint the bases brown when I’m going to texture and flock them later anyways? In case there are any thin spots in the texturing  no one will notice a brown patch but a black patch will be fairly obvious. I also prefer the look of the base edges in brown as I feel it blends into the tabletop better than a harsh black edge. Next step is the dip;


I also added a 60mm base to my 2nd generation Ork Dredd, he looked naked without a base, and redid the bases for some old GorkaMorka boyz that had really tiny bases;


I also consider this Mantic Grot cannon complete;


Tonight the bikes get dipped and tomorrow I start on all 11 of the riders.

Warbikes 2

After prepping and priming a miniature I gather the paint palette for the project;


Mournfang Brown for the tires and ground base, Balor Brown for the seats and handle bars, Bleached Bone for the front and back rolled up tarps, Pig Iron for the bulk of the metals, Quick Silver for the headlamps, Troll Slayer Orange to serve as a base for the Big Top Red that will go on the gun barrels, front fender, hoses, and exhausts and black and white for touchups/repairs. Red acrylics are usually a bit thin so painting an area orange first makes for a stronger red and better depth of color. If you make a mistake and need to repaint something you can use white or black to blot over the mistake and redo it.

The paints are from four different manufacturers because I don’t feel you should be bound by one company’s dogma when it comes to personal design choices. Citadel makes a lot of really good products at the moment, that hasn’t always been the case though. At one point thier bottle designs caused the paints to dry out ridiculously fast. I use a lot of white, particularly as a dry-brushing base, so the big cheap bottle works great for that. Find what works for you. Here is today’s progress; I’ve done all of the small parts and I’ve started putting on the Pig Iron for the main body metals on the column of bikes on the left.


I thought the Pig Iron would be darker and unfortunately it’s only a little darker than the Quicksilver on the headlamps. I’m thinking about a dark wash on the Pig Iron, not sure yet though.

In other project news, the Mantic Marauder squad is finished, here they are along with the Blood Axe Kommandos that they’ll be joining;




I think they’ll fit in just fine, even though those Marauder upper bodies still look weird to me.

GorkaMorka links and lives!


I love that box cover art. 🙂 I went looking for information on my old GorkaMorka Ork Prospector and was pleasantly surprised to find that there are still some very active groups and sites dedicated to this game. Here’s a few to get you started if you are interested;

GorkaMorka 1d4chan This page is part of a gaming wiki and gives a nice summary of the game and some good links to other fun things, like this page;

GorkaMorka.co.uk/ This has lots of scenarios and gang rosters to download and links to;

GorkaMorka Facebook Which is active and users are sharing their pictures of modelling works in progress. I still had one unfinished trukk from the box and this page has given me some good ideas on how to mod it up and kit it out. 🙂

Anyways, what started the search, it turns out the Prospector is a Wyrdboy/Weirdboy, which explains his solitary nature. I’ll have some progress pics of the warbike horde project up tomorrow.

Warbikes 1

I love Ork warbikes. My son is growing to love Ork warbikes. I have a pile of old Ork warbikes from 15 years ago that were never finished. Some were missing cannons but I found I had a bag of Tau bits and I was able to glue them onto the warbikes.


I figure the Ork Meks reworked the Tau particle cannons to shoot big, heavy, slow-moving slugs. After all, if you can’t see streams of chunky bullets flying out of your guns what good are they? Ork philosophy there. I did have four bikes finished from back in the day, here is three of them;


They’re a bit dusty. Under the old rules you couldn’t bring many bikes, but they also used to have twin-linked auto-cannons and generated smokescreens from their exhaust that provided cover saves for any troops behind them. A bit silly and over-powered back then, much more balanced now, and the current lists allow biker swarms. After finishing the mods and making sure they all have the same 25mm x 50mm base they all get black primer so the paint jobs will all have the same base. There are eleven bikes, plus riders, to paint, but they are all using the same color scheme/palette and that should help get this done quicker.


A few other projects were finished this week, here is the completed Deffkopta;


Space Ork Raiderz!

spaceorkraidersbox1x-01Back in 1988 this was a lead mini set to get the Space Orks started and it only cost $20! Times, scales, and prices, have changed a great deal since then. For instance, here is an Ork Nob from that set, painted by Clint Wight in 1988, next to the 2015 version of the Ork Warboss Ghazghkull Thraka in Mega- Armor;


That big fella retails now for $41 (!) But what price victory? I’ll paint him soon, should be easy fun since he’s so big. The Mantic Marauders are all done and ready for their bath;


In all of my digging around in old projects I came across another GorkaMorka bit, still in his blister-pack;20170204_172656The old Ork Prospector! He’s finally been assembled and added to the build queue, I have no idea what his special abilities were in the game, I need to track down the old GM rules. Next up though will be my Ork war-bike swarm, I have eleven bikes that need some paint and the new rules really encourage bringing large vehicle units. Progress picture on them tomorrow.