Banshee Progress + Avengers

A nice small palette I said, which became eight colors somehow. I’m using Privateer Arcane Blue for the main body, with Privateer Pig Iron for some metallic bits high on the back and the mouth part of the mask, and my favorite Privateer paint: Brass Balls for weapons, gems, studs and mask bits.


Citadel colors are: Abaddon black for the face, Mephiston Red for the helmets sashes, and some gems, Mournfang Brown (warm) for the holster and strap, Doombull Brown (dark) for the hair nbase and Balor Brown for the hair highlights. They’re coming along. 🙂

The next big Eldar unit that will be worked on will be the Dire Avengers; the Eldar masters of the galaxy’s most feared rifle; the Shuriken Catapult. I have Avengers from three different sculpting periods; solid metal, metal heads on plastic bodies, and fully plastic. The current ones on the market are fully plastic and assemble the same way as GW’s plastic Guardians, but with a few specialty bits. The original metal bodies look smaller next to the newer plastic bodies. Those transitional models (metal heads and sashes on plastic bodies) are a bit difficult to assemble as you can’t attach pewter to plastic with plastic model glue, you need to use super-glue for that. The new plastics can be assembled entirely with plastic model glue, which is ultimately less messy. I found that trying to attach the metal sashes last was very difficult, but it does help balance the metal head. It’s much easier to build those (if you ever come across any) from the ground up. Build the legs, attach to the base, then add the metal sash. Then do everything else.


For awhile GW was producing metal bodies for their figures and then an assortment of plastic arms and weapons, glueing them together with superglue wasn’t great. I still have two Eldar with no arms who were lurking at the bottom of my Eldar box, I’m not sure what to do with them yet. I still have piles of weapons to give to these guys so maybe they’ll become Corsairs.


Wraithguard – Final

Five (metal) Eldar Wraithguards with BFG’s and the Warlock that I painted previously to keep them shooting in the right direction;


The Eldrazi Scions are also done, although my son tells me that the paint scheme I used for the Scions would be fine for the Endless One, but Scions as depicted in the game art have a lot more color variety. Ah well, at least they all match.


I’m still working on the Eldar Howling Banshee troops and an old gaming friend of mine said I was wrong and that the one time he used them they performed great….then he thought about it and remembered they had gone up against a unit of Gretchin, and had emerged triumphant! Of course they did, they were fighting Gretchin. :/ After they’re painted up I’ll have to try fielding them and see if they can do anything other than sing off-key.

Magic the TTG


My son is a big fan of the Magic:The Gathering card game, we’ve played Heroscape, an out of production Milton Bradley boardgame, for years. Now there is a table top game version of Magic using the Heroscape rules with the Planeswalkers casting spells from decks and accompanied by summoned creatures. It’s mostly compatible with the older Heroscape rules so you can combine the games for more fun. The new Magic-scape games come with plastic minis; Planeswalkers that are pre-painted, and summoned creatures that are cast in plastic in the same color as the mana needed to summon them. The latest set also contains the world-devouring Eldrazi, cast in blue. There is a lot of great art available for these creatures so I’ve started painting the Eldrazi creatures I have.


I primed the Scions (the little critters) black, brushed a blue grey, hit the center carapace section with blue ink, scumbled and dry-brushed the whole thing with a light grey, dipped, sprayed, and decorated the base. The big guy is “The Endless One”, enormously powerful and produces Scions as he slithers across the board towards your defending Planeswalkers. I’m hoping to start work on the big piece after I finish the Howling Banshee project.

Wraithguards, Banshees, and a tank.

The Wraithguard have their basic paint jobs completed; simple colors of red, black and gold that I think will look good when shaded.


After they receive their dip-n-spray treatments I’ll come back and paint infinity symbols on their helmets. I also finished up the Falcon grav-tank, it just needed the black-lining between armor panels, gold highlights, and a canopy. Didn’t take long, not sure what brain-fart on my part 16 years ago caused me to stow this without finishing it.

Eldar Howling Banshee Aspect Warriors, easily the most hyped and worst unit in the Eldar army. I bought these ladies probably eighteen years ago, used them in two games with disastrous consequences, then put them in storage and forgot about them. I looked them up in the new version of the 40K rules, still stinkers with limited potential. I’ll paint them anyways as the purpose of all this is finishing off old projects. They’ve got a start for a color scheme and I plan to keep their color palette small like I did for the Wraithguards.


The Psychic Race

The more I dug in the old boxes the more old Eldar projects I unearthed…so that’s what I’ll keep focusing on for the time being. The masked fellow on the right is an Eldar Warlock; they have Psychic powers that primarily enhance other units, the other is an Eldar Guardian who had lost his weapon and his left arm and has now been repaired. The Guardians are the basic foot troops of the Eldar.


You don’t need tons of Eldar troops to have an effective army, which is kind of nice. The next piece that will get finished is this Falcon grav-tank, a medium tank that can hover around and can carry six troops, kind of like an Israeli Merkava tank, but with more lasers.


This Falcon just needs some detailing to finish up and I lucked out and found the canopy for the turret gunner. After that I’ll finish up these Wraithguard –


Wraithguard are sorta robot shells that have had a dead Eldar’s spirit implanted in them to keep them in the fight. Unfortunately, being dead, they have trouble connecting to the living world and need a Warlock or a Seer to psychically ground them and get them to pay attention. More importantly they have a really big gun.

Flying Vypers and Riding Lizards

Old projects and not as old projects; the Eldar Vypers from sixteen years ago are finally done, and so are more lizardmen from three years ago.


I’ll be honest, I just plain lost the clear canopies for these vehicles, and for a few more Eldar transports still in the big box of old projects. Not sure why just those parts went away. :/ My painting styles have changed a bit over the years but they’ll still work together. I also decided to finish up these lizardman cavalry, which are now apparently called “Seraphon”, which I think is some kind of weird Furry sex fetish thingy…I wish GW had researched that name a little better, they’ll always be lizardmen to me though.


The last of the Lizardmen have also been painted and dipped, nothing left in that box except for a pile of Skinks and some personality figures. I also have some big plastic dinos that I’d like to convert into war machines…someday. In the meanwhile the dip is drying on these scaly fellas and I’m looking through the big back burner box for what to finish next.