The Psychic Race

The more I dug in the old boxes the more old Eldar projects I unearthed…so that’s what I’ll keep focusing on for the time being. The masked fellow on the right is an Eldar Warlock; they have Psychic powers that primarily enhance other units, the other is an Eldar Guardian who had lost his weapon and his left arm and has now been repaired. The Guardians are the basic foot troops of the Eldar.


You don’t need tons of Eldar troops to have an effective army, which is kind of nice. The next piece that will get finished is this Falcon grav-tank, a medium tank that can hover around and can carry six troops, kind of like an Israeli Merkava tank, but with more lasers.


This Falcon just needs some detailing to finish up and I lucked out and found the canopy for the turret gunner. After that I’ll finish up these Wraithguard –


Wraithguard are sorta robot shells that have had a dead Eldar’s spirit implanted in them to keep them in the fight. Unfortunately, being dead, they have trouble connecting to the living world and need a Warlock or a Seer to psychically ground them and get them to pay attention. More importantly they have a really big gun.