Flying Vypers and Riding Lizards

Old projects and not as old projects; the Eldar Vypers from sixteen years ago are finally done, and so are more lizardmen from three years ago.


I’ll be honest, I just plain lost the clear canopies for these vehicles, and for a few more Eldar transports still in the big box of old projects. Not sure why just those parts went away. :/ My painting styles have changed a bit over the years but they’ll still work together. I also decided to finish up these lizardman cavalry, which are now apparently called “Seraphon”, which I think is some kind of weird Furry sex fetish thingy…I wish GW had researched that name a little better, they’ll always be lizardmen to me though.


The last of the Lizardmen have also been painted and dipped, nothing left in that box except for a pile of Skinks and some personality figures. I also have some big plastic dinos that I’d like to convert into war machines…someday. In the meanwhile the dip is drying on these scaly fellas and I’m looking through the big back burner box for what to finish next.