Walkin’ Machines 2

Finally had a chance to do all of the little detail work on the War Walkers, models for Eldar machinery are usually crusted with little “soul-gems”, which have a long convoluted and ultimately irrelevant story justifying their existence. Mainly they look nice painted gold. Here’s the walkers with all of the basic painting done, just before they go in the dip.


I put a white coat on the Harlequin Dreadnought so his goofy grin would show up better. The next picture is of the walkers after the dip. I have a little pottery bowl of mineral spirits in the upper left and a scrap brush that I use to clean up drips and blobs that form under overhanging projections. I use a pottery bowl because mineral spirits dissolves plastic, found that out the hard way. I use the grips in the middle to dunk models into that big can of Polyshades.


I like to do my model dips at the end of the day so that when I get up in the morning they should be dry and ready to be matte sprayed.


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