Other Eldar 1

Not finished with the War Walkers yet, been too busy to paint unfortunately. I was able to finish this little Eldar Heavy weapons platform with a Shuriken Cannon (front and center) who has been parked in storage primed and ready for the past 16 years.


The Eldar are too dainty to carry heavy weapons around themselves so they mount them on little anti-grav platforms and have them follow along with the infantry. The ones in back are the newer style with a splinter shield for the operator. I also have some Wraithlords, they used to be called Eldar Dreadnoughts but about the time of 4th edition their story changed so their is no living operator in this war machine.

eldar wraithlords.jpg

These are all models and paint jobs from 14-15 years ago. The one on the left, hard to see with only black primer, is a Harlequin mask mounted on a Dreadnought chassis. The center Dread needs to have his back poles straightened, don’t know why I made them all curvy. There are no rules for Harlequin Dreadnoughts anymore, but I’ll still paint him up when I dig out my Harlequins later this year. I have a pile of old metal Harlequins that I never painted from forever ago. :/