Warbikes 1

I love Ork warbikes. My son is growing to love Ork warbikes. I have a pile of old Ork warbikes from 15 years ago that were never finished. Some were missing cannons but I found I had a bag of Tau bits and I was able to glue them onto the warbikes.


I figure the Ork Meks reworked the Tau particle cannons to shoot big, heavy, slow-moving slugs. After all, if you can’t see streams of chunky bullets flying out of your guns what good are they? Ork philosophy there. I did have four bikes finished from back in the day, here is three of them;


They’re a bit dusty. Under the old rules you couldn’t bring many bikes, but they also used to have twin-linked auto-cannons and generated smokescreens from their exhaust that provided cover saves for any troops behind them. A bit silly and over-powered back then, much more balanced now, and the current lists allow biker swarms. After finishing the mods and making sure they all have the same 25mm x 50mm base they all get black primer so the paint jobs will all have the same base. There are eleven bikes, plus riders, to paint, but they are all using the same color scheme/palette and that should help get this done quicker.


A few other projects were finished this week, here is the completed Deffkopta;