Space Ork Raiderz!

spaceorkraidersbox1x-01Back in 1988 this was a lead mini set to get the Space Orks started and it only cost $20! Times, scales, and prices, have changed a great deal since then. For instance, here is an Ork Nob from that set, painted by Clint Wight in 1988, next to the 2015 version of the Ork Warboss Ghazghkull Thraka in Mega- Armor;


That big fella retails now for $41 (!) But what price victory? I’ll paint him soon, should be easy fun since he’s so big. The Mantic Marauders are all done and ready for their bath;


In all of my digging around in old projects I came across another GorkaMorka bit, still in his blister-pack;20170204_172656The old Ork Prospector! He’s finally been assembled and added to the build queue, I have no idea what his special abilities were in the game, I need to track down the old GM rules. Next up though will be my Ork war-bike swarm, I have eleven bikes that need some paint and the new rules really encourage bringing large vehicle units. Progress picture on them tomorrow.