The Trukk show

I was writing about GorkaMorka yesterday, and the Ork projects in my house are continuing, and I found I had an unbuilt sprue of a Trukk, hurray! Here is what a basic plastic Trukk looks like;


The bed is kind of small and it’s difficult to pile minis with 25mm bases into it, so in GorkaMorka they made the mini bases smaller, but then the minis ended up being top heavy and falling down a lot. Hrm…Originally GW produced, about 1990 I think Ork Battlewagon kits;


The fighting compartment on these was also really small and the Orky transport rules said that it could carry as many Ork minis as you could physically pile on the model. If the troop minis fell off while the Battlewagon was being moved then they were wounded or dead. They carried the same silly rule over to the GorkaMorka game so I modded my Trukks to have bigger fighting compartments;



4 thoughts on “The Trukk show

  1. flamekebab

    The rule didn’t carry over to Gorkamorka. It did apply to the trukk if used in second edition 40k though!

    The rule for Gorkamorka was that they had to physically fit. There was no damage mechanic if they fell off while being shuffled about.

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