Beginning of the Green

This Ork army project has motivated my son to clean part of his room and make a nice little, well-lit and tidy, workspace for his painting projects.


It’s his first big model project and he’s quite excited about it, I’m sure it will get very messy soon. I’m still working through older than old projects alongside new projects. Once upon a time Games Workshop produced a very fun boxed game called GorkaMorka about a planet filled with Ork tribes who drove around all day having car chases and gun fights. I, as an Ork player, thought it was great fun. It was only in production for a couple of years though, GW is fickle sometimes. One of the last models they produced for it was the DeffKopta;


I’ve had this model sitting around built and unpainted forever and I noticed in the new rules that you can have a swarm of these silly birds. Here it is with base colors done;


The little fellow chasing it is a plastic Mantic Marauder (Space Ork) from their Deadzone game and he’s going to be painted up to match my other Space Ork Kommandos. I hadn’t worked with Mantic’s plastics before and I found it a bit troublesome to clean up the figure and some of the detail, particularly in the facial features, was a bit soft. I’ve wanted to give their miniatures a try for some time though and I can use more Kommandos. Here’s the Deffkopta draining and drying after a nice dip in a can of polyurethane stain;


I’ll let the Kopta and the Kommando sit overnight and see how they look in the morning.