Ork Dredds-scale creep


Back in my day things were smaller….Back in the late 1980’s when I started collecting and painting 40K minis the Space Ork Dredds looked like the little guy on the right. You could get an expansion kit to biggify them like the guy on the left, but they seemed hard to come by. In my son’s kit the centerpiece of his force is the hulking brute Deff Dredd in the center, an all plastic kit where mine are lead/pewter. We’re still talking through painting techniques and color schemes but he really likes the Bad Moon yellow scheme that I use on most of my forces. My show’s opening night was cancelled this evening due to foul weather so I believe we’ll be getting started on the big fella this evening.

Sometimes the army lists provided by GW listed options for the forces that weren’t readily available on the models. This was back when they encouraged scratch-building and modifying minis to get to WYSIWYG. The ork lists said you could get a Dredd with power claws and a flamer, so I made this little fella out of bits from a Skorcha wartrakk.


In the new plastic box there is every option you could ever need and you end up with a pile of very nice extra bits. I’m very impressed with GW’s improvements to quality.


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