More Orks, space orks that is

My son received a Space Ork starter set for Christmas and has had a great time assembling everything, particularly the new, enormous, Deff Dred. Last fall we had our first mini painting session and I walked him through the basics with an old Ork Heavy that I picked up in 1995. Clean, prime, drybrush white, apply basic colors, drybrush metals, pick out details, dip, matte spray, basing material, check highlights, matte spray again, done.

The newer Orks will be easier as the scale has become enlarged over time. I also polished off a Mega-Armor Ork Nob that I picked up 10 or 12 years ago.

We also played a game of Kill Team, small unit 40K actions, using the 7th edition rules. I hadn’t played 7th edition so I spent a lot of time looking up the rules and figuring out changes between editions. I think the majority of changes streamline play nicely, the writing is very clunky though so pulling the meaning out of the rulebook took a bit of chewing to digest. He won, fun game, here’s a few pics;


It was an Orks vs Orks fight with lots of shooting and very little accuracy followed by some very decisive close combat. We’ll most likely start painting his Orks this weekend as he is figuring out his color schemes and setting up a painting area in his room.