Lizardmen again!

It’s 2017 and my teenage son wanted to get into playing 40K so I’ve been teaching him how to play and how to paint his Space Orks. Doing that rekindled my desire to finish all the lizardmen I started forever ago and I’ve been cranking through them the past few weeks. It’s been a while since I painted and my eyesight up close has really deteriorated the past few years and it makes some fine details very difficult, I still enjoy painting minis though. First off here is a group of Temple Guardians to provide an elite unit;


The big dude with the axe is an Antimatter Games Draconid warrior with a GW dino-skull helmet to help him blend in with his fellows. I like the fine detail on the Antimatter sculpts I’ve purchased but his head was kind of tiny, hence the helmet. I also added a shell shield to his back.

20170124_085948 I also picked up some lizard dudes from Reaper games; one in the Bones plastic material and one metal one. Some of the Bones have good detail, this one was a little soft on the detail. The metal one was great fun to paint though and makes for a very dramatic reptillian warrior-mage.

Age of Sigmar’s arrival from GW caused a number of gamers to ditch their armies on the cheap and I picked up a lot of old lizardmen from Ebay really cheap, including a couple more classic Kroxigor.


Here is the next batch of works in progress including an Antimatter Games Dagothanan Reef Lord, I love his toothy grin. 🙂 The guys in the background are all modified GW plastics. My lizards are still predominatly orange. 🙂