Gorillanoids & Skullbreakers


My Heroscape Gorillanoids have a big brother heavy now, I’ll have to come up with a Heroscape stat card and maybe a Mutants and Death Ray Guns version of these guys too.

Work also continues on my reptillian forces; I cleaned up a few more of the ebay lizardman rejects I bought a while back and also purchased a Reaper Reptus Skullbreaker, sculpted by C. Elliot.


Why is he red? Well, when the order arrived this bottle of paint was in the box with a note from Reaper minis saying “Surprise!” as they’ll randomly gift customers with little prizes like this. I wanted to see what the quality of their paint was like so the Skullbreaker became the test subject. The paint is in a dropper bottle, goes on smooth and looked really thin at first, I thought I’d need to do a second coat of the red. When the red dried it was much darker and shinier than I’d initially expected it would be. Quite a pleasant surprise all ’round.


He still needs a little bit of highlighting and detailing but I’ll come back to him in a bit.


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