A Tale of Two Skinks, part 1

I have bunch of old and new GW skink minis along with some Harlequin Miniatures Lizardman troops that my older brother gave me and will work well as a skink regiment. Since there’s so many of them to paint (40+) I’m experimenting with methods that will help me to complete them without me losing my mind. I really like the greyscale (black primer then white dry-brushing) basing that I’ve been doing for my lizardmen but it feels like it’ll be a butt-ton of work to do all of the skink forces using that method. I think I’ll reserve that method for more important minis, and just get the rank and file DONE. Done is beautiful. But i wanted to experiment a little first and see how big of a difference their would be between the greyscale basing and just priming the minis white, so here goes;


Then I applied yellows to each for their skin, their spots and fins will be red but to get a bright red you have to have bright base, so yellow everywhere. And dark hunter green as the base for their shields.


They switched sides in this pic, oops, the white based one is on the left now. More to come later.