Lizardmen – Part4 – Kroxigor


Seventeen years ago I painted an original version of GW’s Lizardman Kroxigor for my older brother’s forces. Yesterday I painted up a Reaper minis “Lizardman Tyrant” mini to see if they’d make a viable alternative to GW’s minis. Here’s the tyrant with base colors prior to dipping and basing and afterwards;



I like the design of the mini, there’s a lot of great detail and he’s got a great savage look to him. He’s not as heavily muscled as the old GW Kroxigor though;


Not too badly different though, I’ll most likely get another “Tyrant” mini in a different pose to finish out my Kroxigors as I’m really enjoying painting the minis I’ve purchased from Reaper Minis.

*Looking at the photos I see some of the copper got onto his skin, oops. Back to the painting bench for a touchup. :/