Lizardmen – Part 3

Why did I put snow in the description?

Just asking for trouble I guess as it snowed this weekend, best way to start the month of May is with a nice snowfall.


The mounts for the lizardman cavalry are done, the riders are still in progress so no pic yet.

Here are some of the infantry regiments;


The skinks are another of the “seventeen years ago” projects, my brother (and many other people apparently) had thrown various color treatments at them over the years but they had never been finished, until last night. I have thirty-four of the old single-piece archer style, this is the first ten, then another twenty-four of the new multi-part plastics with javelins and blowpipes.

Later this week I’ll have pics of my new Kroxigor, Saurian shaman, and homemade Brutosaur work.