Lizardmen – Part 1

I’ve been painting my older brother’s old GW Lizardman army for fun, and I bought him a few of the new kits from a store that was doing a GW clearance sale, lot of that going on lately, in order to bulk out his forces and turn them into a viable army. Then he decided to give me the Lizardman army as he already had three others under construction, which is super-exciting, thanks Bro!  Now I have a pretty decent Lizardman force thaat only needs a few personalities and a lot of paint to finish it off.

I had started with painting his command section; a saurus champion and a drummer that had both been primed white and I decided to match the colors of the standard bearer that my younger brother had painted seventeen years ago- orange body with yellow scales.


I had also picked up some old plastic lizardmen from ebay (20) for a dollar each. They arrived with a plainish green and blue paint job on seventeen of them and three others in an off-whitey yellowish color. Unfortunately one of the whiteys had broken off his head, arm, and weapon in shipping. 😦   Fortunately the Temple Guard and Cavalry kits I’d picked up had lots of extra bits so I kitted out the broken guy as a unit champion and the other two whiteys as bodyguards.


For the other seventeen greenys I just did little spot repaints to give them a better color palette (all their gear was blue so it matched their scales) and gave them all finishing treatments. The mini on the left is before.


I decided I didn’t want to repaint all of the old Lizardmen into the new orange scheme. Instead I remembered what I’d read about the 16th century Korean army during the Japanese invasion; Armys were formed from local conscipts and militia and an army commander and his staff were sent from the capital to command the local forces. I decided the orange scheme would be for the “Chosen Ones” or lizardman nobility and champions. That way it would be really easy to pick out command figures and elite units on the tabletop battlefield.

To paint up the new kits (GW multi-part plastic temple guards and saurus cavalry) I primed everything black, then dry-brushed them white. This is a trick I picked up from my younger brother that works pretty well as it gives my brighter colors a bright base to work from and puts a lot of shading in place right from the start.


I like to have a white base for bright colors as it’s easier to make colors darker, not as easy to make them lighter. My red, oranges and yellows always go on pretty thin anyways and they get muddy if I’m trying to throw them onto a black base paint color. I start with the skin and then work my way outwards from a minis center, I think in color layers just like in clothes layers; what do you put on first? What goes on over that? First, the orange skin;


That’s all I got through today, I hope to be finishing them tomorrow.

The mount-lizard needed a different color to set it off from the rider and I decided to go with an orangey-red for the body and a deeper red for the scales and horns.

red raptor

I have to say that the current GW plastic multi-part kits are of excellent quality. When I started buying GW minis the plastic “Beakie” marines were all the rage. The amount of kit options you get on the sprues and the quality of the plastic material itself are quite impressive. I think their pricing structure though, on the whole, is ridiculously expensive. The plastic temple guards and cavalry are actually a pretty good deal for what you get in the box, it’s even better when you can get them on clearance.