More Runts

My older brother and I have been churning through my pile of unpainted 40K Gretchin minis the past few weeks, he painted 15 and I painted 8 so that puts me up to 63 painted Gretchin. My goal is to finish all of the unpainted Gretchin on my table, which would put me over 100.

And what an absolutely useless army that would be. 😀

We both started from a black primer coat and did the skins in basic goblin green color; he did his solid and I dry-brushed mine on to keep the shading in the recesses. I went for solid color fills with a very small subdued palette-mostly browns, metal, little blue, little off-white. My brother used oranges, yellows, reds, metals, blue and purples with ink washes* (green, orange and yellow) to darken or brighten the base colors.

Once we both had our basic colors finished they were all dipped in Tudor Satin polyurethane stain, allowed to dry overnight then matt-sprayed to knock off the shine.

You can paint on top of matt spray as it is clear acrylic, can’t paint on top of un-matted polyurethane though-the paint slides around a lot.

Then they all received the same highlight mix; Equal parts white, green and yellow drybrushed onto the raised portions of the models skin. Then yellow dots for eyes, a little flock for their bases, and voila –


The rets of the Gretchin Horde will have to wait a bit as I am switching over to finishing some Lizardmen and some palm trees terrain.

*The inks that we use are from the original Citadel shipment to the USA in 1988. A little ink goes a long ways. 🙂