Painting Miniatures again.

So I quit painting toy soldiers about 9 or 10 years ago, which was when my second child was born and I no longer had time for a hobby, I just put everything in boxes and mostly forgot about them. I still purchased some Heroscape and Heroclix minis, they were pre-painted and didn’t have the time and focus demands that unpainted lead figures require.

Then last year for some odd reason I bought into the Reaper Bones Kickstarter project, just got swept up in the mass hysteria I guess. My order should be here next month and I decided I needed to start re-learning how to paint miniatures. So last month I unpacked everything and started digging through the unpainted pile and finishing things.

The method I’ve been using is to get clean basic blocks of color on the figures, dip them in a polyurethane stain for shading, flock their bases, hit them with a coat of matt spray, do some highlighting if necessary, then matt seal them again. They look pretty decent, I’m happy with them at least. Here’s a few recent additions to the “Done” pile in my house;


I have no idea what this guy is. I bought this mini 10 years ago…Warzone Razide? I only used three paint colors for the body, brown wash for the eyes and mouth recesses, chestnut ink over the dark flesh in the exposed muscle areas, dipped (bombay mahoganey-blackish), sprayed, dotted the eyes with yellow. I put him on a Heroscape base so he could join my son’s Marro Swarm, the glue had an odd reaction though and there’s some frosting on his toes that needs cleaning up.


Eldar Guardian, wanted to see what the mahogany would do to the red and white scheme,  it deepened the reds nicely and I used a brush with mineral spirits to thin the dip on his helmet.


Old GW Ork Nob from 1988, tried a Tudor Satin (medium brown) dip on this one to see how it would effect the yellows in the armor.


And an Ork robot, mahogany over red.

I haven’t done any highlights on any of these minis, I’m still practicing dry-brushing to get a consistent effect so I don’t just glob on paint by accident and wipe out my previous work.